IASbet Quick Pick

IASbet Quick Pick

When you are looking for the ability to put your bets on and put them on FAST than the IASbet Quick Pick option is just the ticket. On each individual race page of the IASbet website there is the ability to click on the Quick Pick button.

To use this feature you select your runners as you normally would, with a tick,  you then click on the "Add to Betslip" button and as per normal your selection will be added to your betslip. The last thing you then do is nomiate your price type and the amount you wish to wager, hit the "Submit bets" and that is it, your bets are set. If you are following a specific staking plan, like the Secure Staking Plan, than it is important that you have the ability to put your bets on Quick, and this gives you that ability.

IASbet Quick Pick Information


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